19 hours ago
6 shelves made from reclaimed pine. Stained and almost ready to install. DesignWoodwork photo
2 days ago
Cabinets, doors and top made and almost all painted and ready for installation. DesignWoodwork photo
3 days ago
Cupboard top made from recycled shelves. Glued and biscuit jointed together. Will need sanding down tomorrow before being stained. DesignWoodwork photo
4 days ago
First cabinet made and painted for my next job. Doors cutout and ready to be assembled. DesignWoodwork photo
7 days ago
Working on a design for a wardrobe in a loft conversion. Hopefully this will be a future project. DesignWoodwork photo
1 week ago
All 5 doors installed. A few finishing touches and it's done. DesignWoodwork photo