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Design Woodwork2 weeks ago
Just finished this breakfast bar for a small galley kitchen. Cut to shape from 40mm thick oak worktop and oiled to protect it.
Design Woodwork
Design Woodwork1 month ago
I don't just make new furniture. I can also give a new lease of life to existing furniture.

This solid pine table was looking a bit worn of 20 years service. But after some vigorous sanding to remove the dents and scratches, and a new coat of varnish, it looked like new. Should be good for another 20 years.
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Design Woodwork
Design Woodwork1 month ago
This made a change from building over stair bulkheads. I have just finished building this under stair cupboard.

The job involved boxing in the electric and gas meters, and fuse box, and building a set of cupboards and a large drawer unit to maximise the storage space. There was even a special section for an ironing board.

The front was set back so it didn’t make the hallway didn’t feel to narrow. All finished off with a set of shaker style doors and painted white.

If you want to create better use of the space under your stairs, I can help.
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Design Woodwork2 months ago
Another North Hertfordshire stair bulkhead disguised as a wardrobe.

This wardrobe replaces an old cupboard that had to be removed first.

The exterior wall was insulated and the new wardrobe constructed to completely hide the bulkhead and create maximum storage space. The drawers all had to be different sizes to fit around the sloping bulkhead. And all painted a very light grey to blend in to the rest of the existing room decoration.
Design Woodwork
Design Woodwork5 months ago
Stair bulkheads are a common problem. The create more head-room over the stairs, so anyone over 5'6" tall doesn't hit their head going up and down stairs. But the space you gain over the stairs is lost in the bedroom directly over the stairs. And this is often the small 'box' room.

This bulkhead was in a bedroom that had been extended to the side, so it stuck out into the room.

To hide it, I created this wardrobe around the bulkhead, so all the space directly above it could be used for storage. This included 4 very large drawers and some pull-out laundry baskets.

If you need to create maximum storage space I can help. Give me a call on 07931 833714